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B'ville to host carp tourney Seneca River to lure 100-plus carp fishers to compete

By   Elizabeth Mancini
July, 2006
B'ville to host carp tourney Seneca River to lure 100-plus carp fishers to compete
Baldwinsville Messenger
Volume 82, No. 29


It seems as though the small town of Baldwinsville is making a name for itself on the map.

Sometime next spring, most likely in May or June of 2007, the American Carp Society plans on utilizing the Seneca River to bring at least 100 carp fishers to compete in the ACS Regional Tournament.

"Baldwinsville has the downtown area, The Red Mill Inn, good shopping as well as the river. All the pieces are here," said David Moore, director of the American Carp Society. "I'm confident we can pull this off."

Usually held in England , the question most often asked of Moore is when the next competition will come to the United States. Because of the small town appeal and friendly atmosphere, Baldwinsville was chosen.

"We are going to get Baldwinsville into all the magazines that carp anglers read," said Kathleen Kelly, publicist and marketing for the American Carp Society.

Carp angling is a popular sport in many other countries and Moore compares its appeal to soccer in that it began as a well-known sport in Europe, then having moved to America .

"Carp angling is a $5.5 billion industry in the UK alone," Moore said.

Carp is also the number one most sought after freshwater fish.

Due to the recent interest in beautifying Baldwinsville and increasing tourism, the event would have a large draw. "This town is easily accessible because it's near Syracuse and in the middle of everything," Moore said.

Carp anglers who live in the United States will be very excited for the tournament to be close-by.

The American Carp Society is eager to begin gathering sponsors to get the entrance fee as low as possible, which is usually anywhere between $3 to $500.

"To do the actual tournament costs around $60,000," Kelly said.

Depending on the sponsors, the cash prizes are sought after as well. The ACS plans on using the amphitheater and other venues in the area to create an event that would interest an array of people.

"We would have a headquarters where people could look at pictures of carp and a center for people interested to learn about carp fishing," Moore said.

In the past, Moore has seen entire families come to watch, as well as fish and enjoy the scenery, during these competitions.

"People come, they bring the kids, the wives can go shopping and have fun," Moore said.

The ACS looks forward to utilizing the gem of a town Baldwinsville is and using it to enhance the community that is already present.

This will be the first ACS Regional Tournament held in the United States in years.


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