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Carp fishing tournament a bonanza to Baldwinsville

Guest Columnist:   Nancy Landon
November 23, 2006
Baldwinsville is a nice place to live and visit

Neighbors Northeast


Editor's note:
Nancy Landon is in charge of publicity surrounding an upcoming carp tournament this May in Baldwinsville. When people hear the word carp they think of a garbage fish, but she says it could be gold for the community.

Stop any longtime resident on the quaint streets of Baldwinsville, mention a local carp tournament and you're likely to hear a shocking "What! That garbage fish?"

Carp apparently have more of a local reputation as bottom feeders or river cleaners than as the main course of a gourmet meal.

Whatever your opinion, the carp are alive and well in Baldwinsville. Former Van Buren town historian Tony Christopher's records indicate just how they got there.

It seems that in 1890, George Rouse built a dam, created a pond, expended lots of money and effort, and began propagating fish. His young carp, smoked or salted, were deemed a delicacy by New York City folks. He was sure to get rich, until disaster struck.

An unexpected February 1892 thaw put too much pressure against his damn, causing it to give way and ultimately carry his fish straight to the Seneca River .

Walking along the village's Paper Mill Island, you can readily spot carp frequently jumping right out of the water. Hundreds of fish visible to the owners of the newly constructed Red Mill Inn attracted the interest of the American Carp Society. They came, they saw and they chose Baldwinsville for the site of their first official 2007 regions tournament.

Carp are known as one of the hardest-fighting freshwater fish. Society president David Moore estimates that Baldwinsville's carp easily will weigh in at 20-plus pounds.

Anglers from all over the world enjoy the challenge of carp fishing. Men and women from Central New York, as well as the rest of the world, will come to enjoy this sport from May 16 to 19.

For Baldwinsville, there are almost as many positives about this Northeast Regional Tournament as there are carp. The entire event is environmentally friendly, treating this hardy fish and the environment with respect. Under the jurisdiction of the ACS, it is essential to capture and release the carp unharmed and be ecologically responsible.

Working with the Greater Baldwinsville Economic Development Agency, the carp tournament committee is preparing for an influx of spectators to this family-friendly event. Baldwinsville - with its scenic location, unique shops, variety of restaurants and entertainment - will be humming.

After waiting for 114 years, the carp are realizing the dream of becoming a local bonanza.

To learn more about what's happening in Baldwinsville and the tournament, check out or the Northeast Regional Tournament information found at


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