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Female anglers not to be underestimated

By Cait McVey
May 18 , 2007
Female anglers not to be underestimated


"This is our corn mix we made, which is like oatmeal, and we've got some corn in there and corn meal, and we pack it around the sinker."

Female anglers not to be underestimated

Whatever this team is using, the fish seem to love. Just minutes after casting her line, Karen Howland got a bite.

"Some you can bring in real fast, and I've heard stories of people who take an hour to bring one in because they just fight so much," angler Karen Howland said.

Howland's mother caught the next one. As promised, there was a bit of a struggle reeling it in. But, that's what these women say they like best about carp fishing.

"There's more action on the pole. Just a fun fish to bring in. Heavier. Those were the biggest fish we ever caught," angler Carol Howland said.

In the world of angling, this mother-daughter team may seem out of place. After all, they say it's a male dominated sport.

"When we walked into the opening thing, a couple of ladies walked up and said, 'Oh you must be the mother-daughter team. We think that's great.' So, we've been welcomed into the group, but we definitely stood out," Carol said.

Now, they're standing out for their fishing skills. But, even after catching two fish within minutes of each other, the women remain modest.

Female anglers not to be underestimated

"It's mostly luck. I mean, you got to know what you're doing a little bit, but it's where the fish are. Sometimes they're here, sometimes they're not," Karen said.

In that case, it was a lucky day for the Howland team, as the fish just keep on biting.

The tournament wraps up Saturday afternoon and is followed by an awards ceremony at 6 p.m.


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