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Carp Tournaments 

Jason Bernhardt, a member of the planning committee for the 2007 American Carp Society(ACS) Northeast Regional  

Jason Bernhardt,

a member of the planning committee for the 2007 American Carp Society (ACS) Northeast Regional carp angling tournament, held in Baldwinsville May 16-19, 2007, is proud to report that the carp angling tournament was a huge success!

Here is his re-cap of all that transpired:

Thank you

First of all, let me quickly say thank you once again to all of you whom contributed your time, effort, money, grants, services, or products to this tournament.  We could not have done it without your help and hope that many of you will be on board to participate again next year!

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place anglers post with ACS Director David Moore at the 2007 ACS Northeast Regional's in Baldwinsville, NY
1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd Place anglers post with ACS Director David Moore at the 2007 ACS Northeast Regional's in Baldwinsville , NY


Re-cap of Wednesday, May 16 th

Wednesday night we held our welcoming reception/cocktail party for competitors, dignitaries, sponsors and committee members.  That went on from 4-6 pm in The Red Mill Inn's banquet facility.  Immediately thereafter, we had a short parade from The Red Mill Inn over to the Budweiser Amphitheatre on Paper Mill Island , directly adjacent to the Inn and Erie Canal Lock 24. 

There were 16 foreign exchange students leading the parade, holding their home country flags.  They were asked to attend because this was an international angling tournament, with competing teams representing 3 different countries and 14 different states.  The Star Spangled Banner was sung by the local Baldwinsville High School Jazz a cappella group and then the 16 exchange students made welcoming remarks in their native languages.  No one in the crowd was expecting this and it was a well-liked surprise. 

We then thanked our sponsors and ACS Director David Moore then conducted the peg draw (when each team comes up to the stage and picks the number of the location where they were to fish for the duration of the tournament). 

Thursday and Friday - Continuous Fishing

Thursday and Friday were two days of continuous fishing, starting 9AM Wed and concluding 11AM Saturday (50 hours).  There were 3 teams situated at Lyons Park on Rt 48, about 7 or 8 teams at the Onondaga Lake Dog Park on Rt 370, and approximately 25 teams at an old private airfield adjacent to Syroco on Rt 48.  Each team had about 50 yards of space between one another. 

My closest interaction with the anglers came as a weigh-in marshal, for which I took the overnight shift Thursday.  From about 8:30 PM to 5:30 AM, John Sunderhaft (committee member and owner of Lock 24 Restaurant) and I weighed well over 100 large carp.  It was a cold, dirty job, but we had a blast!  The anglers are all very personable people who like to share stories and past tournament experiences, as well as educate about proper carp handling and tournament protocol.  They were absolutely thrilled with their experience in Baldwinsville.  One team told me they placed 2 nd at an Oklahoma tournament after catching only 3 carp for a combined weight of 52 lbs.  They told me this as I was weighing 5 of their fish for a weight of over 60 lbs!

Just about everyone, whether in the lead or near last place, said they had never before had such a rewarding fishing experience.  Our Baldwinsville-native 'virgin' carp must have been excited at all of the new tastes in the water, as they were biting like crazy and kept these fishermen awake and busy for all 50 hours.  The final results were staggering.

Saturday - Closing event and award ceremony

An all-day event was held Saturday to bring the tournament to a close.  Food, drink, entertainment and merchandise were available on Paper Mill Island from 12-10 PM.  Approximately 200 people stopped by in the afternoon and that number about doubled from 5-6 PM for the VIP services offered and award ceremony at 6 PM.  It was a very energetic and suspenseful crowd that waited to hear the results of the tournament.  Everyone was very supportive to the First, Second, and Third Place , Big Fish and B'ville Cup winners. 

There was live music by the JM Danrick Band until 10 PM, although the crowd had slimmed downed substantially by that point. 

An angler displays his catch at the 2007 ACS Northeast Regionals, Baldwinsville, NY
An angler displays his catch at the 2007 ACS Northeast Regionals, Baldwinsville, NY


A Record-Breaker

Although it cannot be officially ratified, preliminary research is showing that a previous benchmark had been set for total combined weight of fish caught in an angling tournament, which was 7.5 tons of carp hauled in over the course of a 72-hour tournament.  The 2007 ACS NE Regionals blew that figure out of the water without breaking a sweat.  Our 50-hour tournament (attended by only 34 teams, mind you) netted a total combined weight of over 28,000 lbs - that's over 14 tons!!!  The winning team alone, a pair from France , caught 225 fish for a combined weight of over 3,000 lbs - unheard of in the carp angling world!!!!

The AP newswire has picked up the story and tales of the 2007 ACS NE Regionals are quickly spreading far and wide.  Not only will there be excellent local and domestic coverage, but the international carp angling scene is going to be flooded with first-hand accounts of this surreal angling experience.  There are over 60 international carp angling publications, and they will all be reporting this amazing finding - no doubt resulting in a great increase in incoming tourism to the area for angling and everything else we in Upstate NY have to offer. 

A Bright Future

Over the next couple of years, you will no doubt see a change in the perception of Baldwinsville , NY as an international tourist destination for professional anglers and their families and friends.  This will benefit a lot of people, including Baldwinsville and surrounding tourist destinations in Upstate NY, the NYS Canal System and many more!

Here is a link to the Kodak website that is displaying my photos:

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the 2007 tournament or next year's, scheduled for May 14-17, 2008.  You can reserve your space now as a 2008 sponsor or volunteer.  We want to make this tournament grow bigger and better each year, and our planning committee could use input, feedback, and commitments of support from anyone and everyone. 

Thank you,

Jason Bernhardt, Associate Publisher
New York Canal Times
140 Main St .
Richfield Springs , NY 13439

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